How to marry right

Searching for a royal spouse at the Mamluk court of Cairo in the fifteenth century [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 21, February 2017]

by Albrecht FUESS

“Whoever does not marry an Egyptian woman, says Imam al-Shafi‘i, will never obtain the full wisdom” (Abdar-Raziq 1973, 123). This saying introduces the topic of the current paper well as choosing a spouse will always have direct consequences, in this case it is meant Continue reading How to marry right

Transmission of Polemics in Safavid Iran

A Case of Transmission of Knowledge       [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 20, January 2017]


In the seventeenth century a cycle of religious polemics took place, which involved the two main courts of the Persian speaking world (namely the Mughal and the Safavid) and the Church of Rome. In this contribution I will briefly lay out the background surrounding these Continue reading Transmission of Polemics in Safavid Iran