Workshop Marburg 2015: Families in Transmission

Marburg University
26th – 29th November 2015

The start-up workshop of DYNTRAN presented individual research projects and their respective sources with special attention to the conceptualization of family and transmission. The general aim of this meeting was to outline the scope of our respective approaches and establish viable lines for further inquiry. Of special importance have been sources and methodologies employed, striving to define key concepts and terminology. We envision this first meeting as an open forum to get to know each other, present our individual research projects and ideas, and to identify common ground.


Thursday, November 26th 

IMG_0232 - copieKeynote Lecture
18:15 • Household and State in Ottoman Egypt: The Case of al-Sada al-Bakriya
Adam Sabra (Santa Barbara)

Friday, November 27th

Material Perspectives and Concepts in the Study of Families

09:00 – 10:45 • Material Perspectives I: Books and Society

IMG_0215 - copieChair: Maria Szuppe (Paris)

“Transmitting the Family’s Scholarly Status: Strategies of Book Endowments in 9th / 15th-Century Damascus”

Konrad Hirschler (London)

“Towards New Understandings: Using Ottoman Court Records (sijillât) in Exploring Patterns of Book Ownership among Merchant Groups in 16th / 17th-Century Cairo”
Anthony Quickel
(Marburg / Cairo)

“The Repertory of Copyists and Colophons of the BnF (Paris)”
Francis Richard (Paris)

11:15 – 12:30 • Material Perspectives II: Craftsmen, Poets and the State

Chair: Nicolas Michel (Cairo)

IMG_0218 copie“A Family of Calligraphers from Yazd? A Group of Yazdi Ceramic Tile Decorations during Qarâ Qoyunlu and Âq Qoyunlu Periods”
Sandra Aube (Paris)

“Hatifi and Qasemi Families and their Role in Early Safavid Literature”
Michele Bernardini (Naples)
14:00 – 15:45 • Structures in the Construction of Dynasty and Nobility

Chair: Christoph Werner (Marburg)

IMG_0233 - copie No 2“Was the Early Modern Ottoman Society “noble”? Thoughts to (re)open the Debate, or how to rise the Question of an Ottoman Nobility”
Juliette Dumas (Aix-Marseille)
“‘Tu felix Mamluk nube’. The Marital Policy of Mamluk Sultans”
Albrecht Fuess (Marburg)
“Rites de Passage of Authority: Constructing Ak- and Karakoyunlu as Dynasties”
Georg Leube (Marburg)

Saturday, November 28th

Families as Actors

09:00 – 10:45 • Perspectives of Family-History

Chair: Albrecht Fuess (Marburg)

IMG_0219 - copie“A ‘Saintly’ Line in the Making: Introducing the Family History of the khwâjas of Barnâbâd (15th-18th C., Herat)”
Maria Szuppe

“Families on the Move: Movement, Stability and Continuity in Ottoman Syria and beyond”
Astrid Meier

“Sufis, Emirs and Bureaucrats: The Kujuji Family in the 15th and 16th Centuries”
Christoph Werner (Marburg)

11:15 – 12:30 • Office and Autonomy: Political Strategies of Families

Chair: Anthony Quickel (Marburg / Cairo)

IMG_0217 - copie

“The Transmission of Office in Families”
Syrinx von Hees (Münster)

“The Role of the Sharafnâma in the Political Life of Bidlis in the 11th / 17th Century”
Sacha Alsancakli (Paris)

14:00 – 15:45 • Not the End of the World: Families and Paradigm Shifts

Chair: Georg Leube (Marburg)

“A Beginning or an End? The Ottoman Conquest and the Legacy of Damascene Scholarly Dynasties”
Torsten Wollina (Beirut)

IMG_0251 - copie“The Reassertion of Disrupted Local Traditions in Early Safawid Tabriz: Sufi Families, the Kubrâwiyya and Classical Sunnite Works of hadith”
Daniel Zakrzewski (Halle)

“Families and Descendants of Civil Servants in Sixteenth-Century Cairo”
Nicolas Michel (Cairo)



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