DYNTRAN Working Papers

Working Paper n° 30

Maria Szuppe, “Families of civil administrators in Safavid Iran: Long-term career strategies of the Khwājas of Barnābād (Khorasan, ca. 15th-18th c.),” DYNTRAN Working Paper, no. 30, online publication, November 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/2056

Working Paper n° 29

Giancarlo Casale, “An Ottoman Humanist on the Long Road to Egypt: Salih Celalzade’s Tārīḫ-i Mıṣır Al-Cedid,DYNTRAN Working Paper, no. 29, online edition, October 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/2052

Working Paper n° 28

Naofumi Abe, “Mausoleums in Safavid Family History: An Unpublished Royal Edict from the Ardabil Shrine (912/1507),” DYNTRAN Working Paper, no. 28, online edition, September 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1994

Working Paper n° 27

Konrad Hirschler, “Binge Reading in Fifteenth-Century Damascus”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, no. 27, online edition, August 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1992

Working Paper n° 26

Daniel Zakrzewski, “Local Aristocrats in a Time of Critical Dynastic Change. Two Notable Families of Tabriz Facing the New Ṣafavid Order”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, no. 26, online edition, July 2017, available at:  http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1972

Working Paper n° 25

Sandra Aube, “A Family of Woodworkers: The Work of Master Faḫr al-dīn and his Son ‘Alī in the Māzandarān (Iran, End-Fifteenth Century)”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, no. 25, online edition, June 2017, available at:  http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1886

Working Paper n° 24

Christopher D. Bahl, “From the centre to the margins: The transfer of books across the early modern Western Indian Ocean”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, no. 24, online edition, May 2017, available at:  http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1852

Working Paper n° 23

Sacha Alsancakli, “The Role of Copyists in the Transmission of Manuscripts. A Case Study on Šaraf Xān Bidlīsī’s Šarafnāma (1005-1314/1597-1897)”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, no. 23, online edition, April 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1826#more-1826

Working Paper n° 22

Astrid Meier, “Looking for Credit in 18th Century Damascus: A Case from the Court Records”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 22, online edition, March 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1794

Working Paper n° 21

Albrecht Fuess, “How to marry right: Searching for a royal spouse at the Mamluk court of Cairo in the fifteenth century”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 21, online edition, February 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1761

Working Paper n° 20

Tiburcio Urquiola, Alberto, “Transmission of Polemics in Safavid Iran: A Case of Transmission of Knowledge”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 20, online edition, January 2017, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1642

Working Paper n° 19

Wollina, Torsten, “The Banu Qadi ‘Ajlun: Family or Dynasty?”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 19, online edition, December 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1623

Working Paper n° 18

Michel, Nicolas, “Deux familles de l’Ancien Régime : Les héritiers de fonctionnaires civils au Caire au XVIe siècle”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 18, online edition, November 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1596

Working Paper n° 17

Quickel, Anthony T., “Understanding Merchants in Ottoman Cairo: A Review”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 17, online edition, October 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1568

Working Paper n° 16

Werner, Christoph, “Poetry and Families: Preliminary reflections on the Divan of Muhammad Kujuji (788/1386)”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 16, online edition, September 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1542

Working Paper n° 15

Aube, Sandra, “A Family of Calligraphers in Turkmen Architecture: The case of Kamâl al-din b. Shihâb al-Kâteb al-Yazdi”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 15, online edition, August 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1506

Working Paper n° 14

Bernardini, Michele, “Pouvoir et lignage féminin. Mariages royaux dans le monde turco-persan au seuil du XVe siècle”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 14, online edition, July 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1476

Working Paper n° 13

Richard, Francis, “De maître à élève: Nouvelle source concernant les biographies de calligraphes de l’Inde musulmane. Le Ms n° 2432 de Rampur”, DYNTRAN Working Papers n° 13, online edition, June 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1416

Working Paper n° 12

Aube, Sandra, “Transmission of Architectural Models in Iran. A note on the “Topkapi Scroll” in Qarâ Qoyunlu and Âq Qoyunlu Ceramic Tile Panels”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 12, online edition, May 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1097

Working Paper n° 11

Sabra, Adam, “Building a Family Shrine in Ottoman Cairo. Five Waqf Endowments by Fāḍila daughter of Shaykh Muḥammad al-Bakrī, 1619-1629″, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 11, online edition, April 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1065

Working Paper n° 10

Richard, Francis, “Émigrés persans dans l’Empire moghol: Les colophons d’un traité de médecine copié pendant une navigation sur l’Indus”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 10, online edition, March 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/1019

Working Paper n° 9

Zakrzewski, Daniel, “Calligrapher Families of Tabriz (8th/14th–10th/16th centuries)”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 9, online edition, February 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/995

Working Paper n° 8

Alsancakli, Sacha, “The Šarafnāma and the Rūjikī rulers of Bidlīs in the 11th/17th century”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 8, online edition, January 2016, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/902

Working Paper n° 7

Dumas, Juliette, “Noblesse ou pas noblesse? Telle est la question. Étude du cas ottoman à l’époque moderne ; analyse rétrospective de la démarche scientifique élaborée et ses suites” DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 7, online edition, December 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/891

Working Paper n° 6

Leube, Georg, “Subordinary patronage under the Akkoyunlu: Uzun Ḥasan at Ushturjān”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 6, online edition, November 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/776

Working Paper n° 5

Leube, Georg, “Ottoman Building Inscriptions II. A hierarchy of rule? 15th century Ottoman building inscriptions in Bulgaria and Thrace”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 5, online edition, October 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/763

Working Paper n° 4

Leube, Georg, “Ottoman Building Inscriptions I. Some context: Two 15th century Ottoman building inscriptions from Edirne”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 4, online edition, September 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/749

Working Paper n° 3

Aube, Sandra, “An Âmoli Architectural Style? Architect signature and architectural transmissions in 15th century tomb-towers of Mâzanderân (Iran)”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 3, online edition, August 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/709

Working Paper n° 2

Leube, Georg, “Can the Ak- and Karakoyunlu be described as Dynasties?”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 2, online edition, July 2015, available at http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/700

Working Paper n° 1

Leube, Georg, “Uzun Ḥasan in Iṣfahān. Some thoughts on Uzun Ḥasans inscription in the masjid-i jāmi’ of Iṣfahān: Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen?”, DYNTRAN Working Papers, n° 1, online edition, June 2015, available at: http://dyntran.hypotheses.org/25