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Uzun Hasan at Ushturjan

Subordinary patronage under the Akkoyunlu: Uzun Ḥasan at Ushturjān [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 6, November 2015]

by Georg LEUBE

After wandering the far-off realms of Ottoman Rumeli in the last two posts, I would like to return to the Ak- and Karakoyunlu with this post’s inscription. The village of Ushturjān, today also known as Īmānshahr, is located some thirty kilometres to the south-west of Continue reading Uzun Hasan at Ushturjan

Ak- and Karakoyunlu as Dynasties?

Can the Ak- and Karakoyunlu be described as Dynasties? [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 2, July 2015]

by Georg LEUBE

Can the Ak- and Karakoyunlu be described as dynasties? A dynasty is usually held to be a number of rulers, from Ancient Greek δυνάστης, literally the one who holds power, concatenated in some sort of network formulated in terms of family. Even if we leave aside Continue reading Ak- and Karakoyunlu as Dynasties?

Uzun Ḥasan in Iṣfahān

Some thoughts on Uzun Ḥasans inscription in the masjid-i jāmi’ of Iṣfahān: Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen? [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 1, June 2015]

by Georg LEUBE

The masjid-i jāmi‘’ or friday-mosque of Iṣfahān is probably one of the most iconic monuments of Islamic architecture in the world. Its ‒ notwithstanding the attached picture ‒ sunny court opens on four great īwāns, grand arches leading over to semi-domes, and is Continue reading Uzun Ḥasan in Iṣfahān