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A Family of Woodworkers

The work of Master Faḫr al-dīn and his son ‘Alī in the Māzandarān (Iran, end 15th c.)*   [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 25, June 2017]

by Sandra AUBE

Medieval Iranian woodcarving is quite unknown. Unlike calligraphers or painters, the woodworkers usually did not appear in biographical or other Persian sources, and many wooden pieces of art have nowadays vanished. In this context, the remarkable corpus Continue reading A Family of Woodworkers

An Âmoli Architectural Style?

Architect signature and architectural transmissions in 15th century tomb-towers of Mâzanderân (Iran) [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 3, August 2015]

by Sandra AUBE

Throughout the 15th century, the Iranian history of architecture appears to be mainly an anonymous history. Most of the architects of the famous tomb-towers from Mâzanderân during the Mar‘ashi period (760/1358-1359 – second half of the 16th c.) remain Continue reading An Âmoli Architectural Style?