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Poetry and Families

Preliminary reflections on the Divan of Muhammad Kujuji (788/1386)      [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 16, September 2016]

By Christoph WERNER

Placing poetry and families side by side evokes the idea of kin groups of writers, poets and literary artists whether brothers, sisters or other close relatives: in modern European literature the Brontë sisters or the Mann family easily come to mind. With regard to Continue reading Poetry and Families

Pouvoir et lignage féminin

Mariages royaux dans le monde turco-persan au seuil du XVe siècle*         [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 14, July 2016]

par Michele BERNARDINI

À partir du XIVe siècle, l’époque post-mongole apparaît comme particulièrement intéressante pour sa conception du maintien du pouvoir politique dans l’Orient musulman : la question fondamentale étant ici la nécessité d’affirmer une légitimité crédible Continue reading Pouvoir et lignage féminin

Building a Family Shrine in Ottoman Cairo

Five Waqf Endowments by Fāḍila daughter of Shaykh Muḥammad al-Bakrī, 1619-1629 [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 11, April 2016]

by Adam SABRA

The construction of a family tomb that may also function as a shrine is critical moment in the construction of a dynasty. Although this phenomenon is most closely associated with Sufism, ruling families also built family tombs, usually as part of larger waqf complexes. Continue reading Building a Family Shrine in Ottoman Cairo

Calligrapher Families of Tabriz

Calligrapher Families of Tabriz (8th/14th–10th/16th centuries) [DYNTRAN WORKING PAPER 9, February 2016]


Calligraphers enjoyed enormous prestige in the medieval and early modern Middle East. In Iran and adjacent lands where Persian flourished artistic traditions of writing the language matured between the 8th/14th and 10th/16th centuries Continue reading Calligrapher Families of Tabriz